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Now I Know!
« on: November 14, 2005, 10:21:06 PM »
Living in Holmfirth and using Woodhead Pass quite regularly I have often wondered about the memorial at the roadside. Yesterday I took the time to stop at the layby and walk back. After spending quite a while there I then went home and looked on the net, looked at the pictures in the gallery, read the comments, and the stories.  What a great guy Jason must have been, what a great life - albeit too brief -  he looks to have had. Being heavily into biking and having had motorbikes myself something struck a chord in me. When I pass in future I will slow down a bit -  or stop for a moment if on the bike - as a mark of respect, and think of the Jason who I never met but who obviously meant a great deal to so many people.

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Now I Know!
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The best tribute to JMC would be to speed up.. and push yourself as hard as he did.. don't reckon he would want anyone to slow down on his behalf!

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