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hi i live  in  glossop and  ride my  bike  over the woodhead all the  time  and  often think about  him . i never  new  him  or  met  him but   the  place  where   he  died  is always well looked after.there is always  flowers  and  all sorts left  there.



woodhead memorial?
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This week (apr 11th - 17th) i am doing a charity ride from Scotland to Oxford. (

I will be able to go down the A628 without deviating too much from my original course.

Could anyone please tell me where exactly Jasons memorial is? I would really like to pay my respects, to possibly the greatest British rider ever.

I leave on tue so if anyone reads this by then, could you please email me at (this is not a p*ss take address, there is a long and rubbish story behind it) and let me know exactly where it is.