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A lost fan finds you're site
« on: February 21, 2006, 10:58:13 PM »
wow this site is amazing, Just drove passed JMC's memorial this afternoon on my way back from manchester in the snow, stopped and legged it op from the lay-by in my suit to say hi as I always do.

have been thinking about him ever since so thought I would Google JMC tonight

Iam 27 so at 16-17 I was defo Jasons biggest fan ever in the world and still am now.
 saw him in a few races as I had done the Juvenile versions of the same race. God he was so fit even in december, but the main reason he still is a total hero of mine  is he was a total bike rider which you dont get these days, he was an elite athlete, had balls, was a leader not a follower, highly skillful but fit too!!! to me though, then.... I loved the surfer Image as kids did but i was only really a x-country racer ridin for jejames.
Jason However, made Biking Cool,he looked like a surfer and he was cool as f**k,
and I wanted to be him so much, I had a very similar tattoo on my arm at 17 and grew my hair too having watched the dirt video every night for about a month. the trouble was my mom told me not to have a tattoo. the day I got it I went out on the chain gang to return home all proud of my new tattoo covered in blood and flys and a plastic bag to be greeted my mom, she came close to tears but thought it was cute I was copying that bloke off the video.

Jason Inspired me so much I went on to race on the GB squad for a couple of years but got into women and clubbing so lost my sponser now I'm Just a chilled out soul rider (still like to blast pass free fiders in my old skool Lycra) I Just Googled my self and all I got was some american scientist in california uni of something oh well.

anyway well done with this site the pics are amazing, it's lovely to see Jasons not gone at all by the looks of things, I don't have heros only one and Thats Jason.

any more JMC rides let me know

Love Brendon

ps can you get DIRT on dvd as videos have gone a bit out of fashion??
pps do you remember that band on the video playing in a half built conservatory?? well funny. b. :lol: