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Thank you.
« on: June 25, 2006, 11:12:31 PM »
I know Jason is up there reading this on his laptop.. so i just wanna say thank you for all the cool vibes and inspiration you gave me as a disfunctional teen in the 90's, i got into mountain bikes in like 91, and livin near newcastle with no friends..i prolly would have got into some bad stuff, but knowing that someone from up north put so much into something and got so much back, kept me wanting to do something good,. be a good person. and if i hadn't had you as a role model maybe i would be in prison by now. me and yorky and alex used to get drunk and talk about you winning race after race, and wondering when you were gonna be world champ, we knew it was gonna happen. it was just a case of when.
.. i would like to say i wasnt upset when u left, but i cant.. i think i was more bummed out than when my gran died. and i hadnt even met you, but you owned that hill dude, and if any mountainbikers out there dont know who you are then they shouldnt be allowed to ride if you ask me.
in my eyes the only good mountain bikers were Tomac, Cullinan(for crash comedy), and You, everyone else is just a shadow.
Mountain biking isnt the same without you and there isnt a day when i ride that i dont think myself lucky that you kept me wanting to ride.
sorry for going on.