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I have just got back on my bike after a five year lay off, moving to Spain and having a child etc...
It has really got me thinking again about the old days and JMC.
I grew up in the north east and am just a year older than Jason, I remember me and my friends talking about him at the BMX track in Cramlington, he was this little kid with more talent in one leg than we all had put together, as I grew up and started downhill racing, JMC was becoming a huge star.
I followed his career, I've got the tatoo to prove it, kept in touch with what he was doing and spoke to people who knew him at bike shops in the north east.
I went to his funeral............
I really believe that he was a special person and I will never forget him.
I found out about his death in a newsagents in newcastle, I saw his picture on the front cover of the evening chronicle and thought, wow what has he won now, I cried when I picked it up and read the headline.
But I will remember him every time I stick my leg out whilst taking a gravel covered corner far too fast for a man approaching 40.
Thanks for the memories.