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JMC Cheshire Memories
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I only knew Jason for about 3 years. I was at the Manchester Velodrome the first time that he ever rode it. It was amazing to see the amount of people that came up to him as he had "Jason McRoy" on his frame. They kept saying "is that really you?" to which he just smiled and nodded. He obviously won the first race but being new to track racing seemed to wonder why his lungs were hurting and just patted his chest to ask the question. He often turned up at our club 10 mile time trial during the week and gave great encouragement to me for the effort i put in even though i did not do that well, that was Jasons attitude towards cycling, he loved all forms of it and the more effort you put in the more respect you got from him. He is the only person i have seen do a wheelie for the entire length of the cheshire lane where you sign on for your number with his handlebars turned sideways (on a road bike).
I was shocked to hear about his death all those year ago and he is sadly missed from all at Stockport Clarion that knew him.....RIP JMC

Duncan Hewitt