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MBUK article
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I recently read the article in MBUK ( i think, maybe MBR ) about Jason, and it was really nice to find out about the guys background and the influence he has had over modern days legends such as Steve Peat.

I take my hat off to Jason for his determination and commitment when so many of us would have simply given up.  He is truly an inspiration for, not only riders, but for people in general, to overcome the challenges he has in his life was really gutsy.

I have only got into trail riding over the last few years, but to find out about people like him, who have helped  to inspire and develop the sport was really interesting.

My sympathies to all his friends and family, but in a way he will never really be gone as i am sure they will all know.  Truly a legend of his sport and his legacy will continue for many more years to come.  Thanks for setting up this site, and to the mag for printing such a top class article about a top class bloke :)
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