Author Topic: JMC facebook group has been Hacked  (Read 5446 times)


JMC facebook group has been Hacked
« on: July 11, 2009, 11:13:34 AM »
This is what the JMC facebook has been changed by this person and renamed.

"Milli G?r?ş changed the name of the group "JMC (Jason McRoy) tribute group" to "(HACKED)Hooray East Turkestan! China death!WE ARE OTTOMANS"

Just to let you know I ve just logged on to face book to find that the JMC group has been hacked. To say the least I am bloody well pissed off why do this this if your cause was so great start your own group and not bugger about with the JMC group. JMC has been great perosonality that I grew up on and he is the reason why I love our sport so much. I still miss him he was a great loss to sport anf recokon that he Would have been as Great as Peaty has been over the years.

Can there be another group on facebook please for JMC?

Missed and never forgotten JMC