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Andrew Stocks

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I Was at work and a new guy was talking about a mountain bike legend called Jason McRoy. I said I used to race a guy at BMX after investigating further I realised this was the same Jason McRoy that I used to race BMX with. I recall the times I talked while queing up to race the anticipation the nerves knowing that I would probably be beaten by Jason and yes most of the time he did. The first time I met Jason was a cold day in the NE of England I think he was new because I remember the paper number plate and recall talking due to him being such a friendly guy. I raced all over the country against Jason but Jason and Stuart Anderson were always my worst nightmare because they were so good!. I'm not sure if I was in the same race at Chesterfield I know I was there how can I forget that track downhill through the woods I'm sure he thrashed me. Anyway I would just like to say it was a honour to be part of what made the legend. He certainly made a name for himself.
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