Jason McRoy, an introduction

Jason was one of the pioneers of Brits competing abroad and became the first UK downhiller to become a Pro Rider with a US Team -Specialized Team.

We started this site some time ago and then thought that since all this happened in ancient history (1995!) there would be no interest in it in the 21st Century.

Recent events have proven otherwise and it seems that there are a few out there still who remember or those who would like to know more.

I will be updating this site on an irregular basis with snippets of folklore history in downhill with a few pics from my personal collection

While the facts contained in this site are very factual, based on first hand experience, they may be coloured a bit by nostalgia and for that I make no excuse. We were there, we did it and we all wore the T-shirts.

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Just the average family
We didn’t ask for more,
Then life was changed completely
with that knock upon our door

This awful thing had happened,
And none of us knew why,
You were never coming back again,
And we didn’t say goodbye.

Our world just fell to pieces,
We cried in disbelief,
We had to stick together,
To overcome our grief.

We’ll never understand it,
It all seems so unfair,
We wish we’d hear that knock again,
And see you standing there.

Ride Free Son

Mam & Dad