10 years after Jason died, a memorial ride was arranged around the hills of Derbyshire and Cheshire, ensing at the spot on the Woodhead Pass where Jason died. Many turned up for the ride, but we also received from movng tributes from people who couldn’t make it on the day. To all those who remembered the day,we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


I want to say “have a great day tomorrow” but it doesn’t sound right. You know what I mean I hope.

I’m going to Rory Hitchens wedding on Thursday and Dave Hemming and Jo Burt will be best men. There will be a few glasses raised in JMC’s memory.


Tim Burden

Sorry I cannot make it as I’m in the States; it would of been nice to be there. Send my regards to Jasons family.
Dale Holmes

Hello all,

I have always remembered JMC as a guy that I always looked forward to seeing at the races. He was always in good sprits and was always ready to have fun. I was fortunate to have been able to share times with Jason will never forget my friend. I hope that everyone has a good time in remembering him on the day; I think that is what he would have wanted most.

Cheers to all,


I’m thinking of JMC today, he was an idol to me 10 years ago and still is to this day. RIP JMC


Dear All,

I am with you all today in spirit; things have conspired against me to be able to be there today. I wanted to ride with you all so much, have a few laughs and chats about our friend Jason; he meant something to us on so many levels. I am sat here speechless that ten years of our lives have gone by, we have all achieved so much in what only seems like five minutes since our good friend has been gone.

I would just like to say, we will all see him again one day. Take care everybody

Dave Hemming

Norco Bicycles UK

Hi Guys

Jason was one of the reasons I started downhilling way back in ’92, tempting me off my BMX, with him riding that “long travel” GT RTS back then. I loved the way he funded his first world cup season on a visa card…something some riders are still doing today!

An inspiration to us all then and still now…he showed us that our small island had the passionate and talented riders capable of success on the world cup stage…His name is still mentioned at every race I am at without fail.


Have a good ride…


Jon Beckett


The news of your accident 10 years ago was a huge blow to so many of us that loved and admired you. Not only were you a great mountain bikers, but as an outsider you semmed like a great son, friend and most of all person!! My due date for my first child is today (August 24th) and it made me think how much your family must miss you. I have never met my child, but I still can not believe the love I hold for her in my heart. I hope that where ever you might be now that you can still look down upon us and grace us with your smile and love. Always know that you are missed and it is moments like today that help us reflect on the impact you left on us. Thank you for sharing some moments of you life with us and hopefully someday we will meet again! You are missed, Leigh Donovan.

Jim, Rose and Family,
Today is my due date (Aug 24th) to deliver our (Stikman and I) first baby and as I write this to you I have fear that something could go wrong and I might not get to meet her. It made me think of how precious our children are to us even unborn. I can not begin to know the emptiness Jason’s accident must have left with you, but I can tell you that he was such an incredible man and will never be forgotten. I just wanted to thank you for sharing him with the world and giving people like myself all the way from California the chance to meet and know such a fun and spirited person. I can tell he was and still is extremely loved!!! I will be thinking of you today and hoping that Jason’s memories continue to inspire and live on forever!!!

Love, Leigh Donovan.

Hello all,

I hope you have all had a good day at the ride. I am sorry I could not have been there. I had only just begun to get in to racing 10 years ago so although i knew Jason as the legend he was in our sport i never really knew him personally.

However the in 1996 the JMC foundation sent me out to do my first international race in France, which i think is really where my career started. So 10 years later i can say a huge thanks to Jim for the opportunity he gave me and to Jason for the inspiration for getting out and racing internationally.




you are missed a lot. You are part of Moutain Biking History!

Keep an eye on us and make sure we stay on the right trails.


Hans Rey

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already. I wish I could be there with you guys and be a part of this day to remember such a great guy. I remember watching him bomb the Mammoth Kamikaze my very first year racing mountain bike and thinking… “this Brit is freaking crazy”! I never thought that someday I would match his level of courage riding a bike down a mountain. More importantly, I knew I would never match his level of post race partying. Good times indeed.

Rest in Peace JMC!

Mike King

Have a goodun kid and ask Jase why he was so powerful at BMX and smoked me?


Sorry I can’t be with you today to remember Jason. Please pass my sympathies along to Jim, Rose and family.


Awesome. Jason and Jim were a pleasure to have on the scene. Always smiling, always positive. Onward and Upward.

Steve Boehmke

Living overseas makes the trip a little difficult and with a baby on the way doesn’t make it easy (Leigh is due today-the 24th)…this is something I would love to attend-even more so than a Scottish world cup! But one thing remains, Leigh and I have never forgotten JMC nor will we ever forget. I can not believe it has been 10 years. As I have said, I did not get the pleasure of becoming ‘good’ friends with Jason, but the time I was lucky enough to have shared with him was special. I only had a few meals with him when he was here in the states and casually said hello in the pits. There are times in ones life when you just know when people are special-and this I knew of him. Later on, Leigh and I spent some really special times with Jim and got to know him on a more personal level-this too is something we will always cherish.

I hope Jason’s family and close friends find comfort in knowing that he is still missed even by a guy that did not know him well. He is a special person, great athlete and will always be remembered worldwide. All sorts of the same things have been said, but it seems we can not ever ‘overuse’ them with JMC-he is just a real deal fellah.

Have fun all of you-he would like that.


Stik, USA

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