The Day You Went Away

They Say that times a healer
but as the time goes on,
We seem to find it just as hard
To face the fact you’ve gone.

And today it’s the Anniversary
Of the day that you went away,
And We’re standing here at your graveside
And believe us when we say.

You’ll never be forgotten
And every year we’ll shed a tear,
But it’s only because we love you
And wish you were still here.

Of a Dear Son

Something will remind us
We never know just when,
It might be something someone says
And it all comes back again.

The times we spent together
The happiness, the fun,
Once again we feel the pain
Of life without our Son.

It’s said that time’s a healer
We’re not sure this is true,
There’s not a day goes by Son
That we don’t cry for you.


A Sadly Missed Son

We’ve come for a little chat, Son
We know that you can hear,
Whenever things are difficult
We always come back here.

We tidy around and talk to you
And think about the past,
All those precious moments,
Destined not to last.

We feel your eyes upon us
As we turn to walk away,
And that little chat we’ve had with you
Gets us through another day.


A Special Son

People try to help us
Every one is so kind,
But no matter what they say to us
We always seem to find.

They look at us with sympathy
In a caring sort of way,
We thank and attempt to smile
Then as we walk away.

The tears start welling up again
Every time it’s the same,
We simply fall to pieces
At the mention of your name.

We know that you’re in Heaven now
And our hearts are filled with pain,
But God will take good care of you
Until we meet again.


Missing You

How quickly can you miss someone
A week, an hour, a day,
We started missing you, Son
The minute you went away.

We try to come to terms with it
And accept that you have gone,
But without you, there is nothing
We’ve got no will to go on.

We think God must have looked down
And seen how good you were,
And needed a new angel
To lend a hand up there.

It’s the only thing we can think of
What other reason could there be?
We just wish He’d find a reason
To send you back to us.

Love Mam & Dad